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"I really worry about everything going to the cloud, I think it's going to be horrendous. With the cloud, you don't own anything. You already signed it away. I want to feel that I own things."

– Steve Wozniak, Apple Inc. Co-founder, 2012-07-04.

There is a natural synergy between FOSS and cloud computing, since FOSS solves the main concern about the cloud -- complete loss of control of software and data.  Good open source cloud computing (OSCC) software is collected below.  Please make sure any software you add has at least a basic development and user community.


[edit] Applications

Open source apps provided over the Internet.

[edit] Document Management

  • Alfresco - one of the first document management solutions.
  • Nuxeo - scalable document management solution.

[edit] Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • OpenERP - widely used ERP solution.

[edit] Other

  • CiviCRM - association and non-profit management.
  • Collabtive - project management and collaboration.
  • OrangeHRM - Enterprise Resource Planning software.
  • vTiger - customer relationship management.

[edit] Management

Good data-center and cloud management open source.

[edit] Data Centers

Buildings and infrastructure that serve large cloud solutions.

  • Open Compute - an open source documentation project for scalable, efficient, and environmental data centers (started by FaceBook).

[edit] Cloud Management

FOSS software to build and manage clouds.

  • Deltacloud - an abstract cloud management layer.
  • Juju - management of cloud services (from Canonical/Ubuntu).
  • jclouds - abstracts multiple cloud API's with Java.
  • Libcloud - a library that abstracts multiple cloud API's.

[edit] System

Good system level cloud open source.

[edit] Distributed Computing

Distributed tools for very high load requirements, usually cloud scalability:

  • Cassandra - scalable data replication and fault tolerance.
  • Hadoop - processing of very large data sets across large numbers of computers.
  • Mesos - application resource management across server clusters.
  • Storm - distributed processing of very large data sets.

[edit] Infrastructure as a Service

FOSS cloud virtual server management software.

  • OpenStack - original FOSS cloud IaaS project.

[edit] Operating Systems

Operating systems specifically configured for the cloud.

[edit] Virtual Desktops

All software computer desktops over the Internet.

  • FreeNX - the original NX compression software.
  • neatx - Google NX compression.
  • SPICE - Red Hat NX compression.
  • x2go - x-windows compression.
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